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Tune into our webinars to learn more about Xoxoday, from tips and tricks to best practices, both live and on-demand.


Greenshoots Interview

The GreenShoots show features select startups from India and their founders. In this interview, Manoj speaks about Xoxoday's journey in solving the everyday problem of human motivation for businesses across the globe.

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Bounce Back: building the ‘resilience regimen’

Know more about techniques to calm anxiety and increase producitivity.

Suresh Ramu


May 21, 2021

How wellness programs can aid mental well-being in the workplace

Learn how employers and employees can benefit with health and well-being programs.

Taruna Suhasini Lohmror


June 21, 2021

Adding Bitcoin to your Employee R&R Program.

Learn about why Bitcoin is important in an organization for both employers and employees.

Suhas Gujarathi


June 11, 2021

Building the Customer Experience Playbook for BFSI

Watch this webinar to know in detail about Customer Experience and it affects and organisation.

Kalpana Ajayan


February 2, 2021